Day trip to Torgau

Former residential city and 'nurse of the Reformation'

Torgau was the seat of the elector Ernst of Saxony (1441-1486) and his successors.

In 1521 Martin Luther visited Torgau for the first time. Frederick III, Elector of Saxony (1463-1525), supported him decisively and Torgau became a focal point of the Reformation.

In 1552 Katharina von Bora, at that time widow of Martin Luther, moved to Torgau, where she died in the same year. The house where she died today is a museum dedicated to her life. Her mausoleum in St. Mary is one of Torgau's sights.

In 1811 the Hartenfels castle in Torgau was extended into a fortress by Napoleon. After 1815 Torgau became property of the Prussian kingdom.

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Hartenfels castle
Hartenfels castle