Day trip to the historical Torgau

Electoral residential town & „wet nurse of the Reformation“.

Torgau looks back on a past steeped in history. The city in eastern Saxony was the former residence of the Ernestine princes, a side branch of the Wettins, named after their progenitor Elector Ernst of Saxony (1441-1486), who made Torgau his residence city and had Hartenfels Castle expanded.

Martin Luther came to Torgau for the first time in 1521. He found a powerful protector in Elector Frederick the Wise (1463-1525) and Torgau became a focal point of the Reformation.

In 1552, Luther's widow, Katharina von Bora, moved to Torgau. Today there is a museum dedicated to her in her death house. Her tomb in the church of St. Mary is one of the sights of Torgau.

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Hartenfels castle
Hartenfels castle