City tour to Gohliser Schlösschen in Leipzig

The summer residence of a Leipzig alderman

Enjoy an interesting sightseeing tour with a visit of the 'Gohliser Schlösschen', one of the most picturesque places in Leipzig, built by Johann Caspar Richter (1708–1770) in 1755/56 and used as his summer residence.

Watch and admire the paintings in the banquet hall, made by Adam Friedrich Oeser (1717-1799) the first director of the academy of arts in Leipzig.

The Gohlis palace is an extraordinary example of the wealth of the citizens of Leipzig in former times.

Gohliser Schlösschen
Gohliser Schlösschen in Leipzig
© Andreas Schmidt
Gohliser Schlösschen in winter
Gohliser Schlösschen in winter
© Andreas Schmidt

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