Finally travelling again after 2 years of pandemic

KVS has always been a supporter of local sports clubs. This is also the case with the "Turn- und Sportvereinigung Rackwitz" very close to Leipzig.

After a break of two long years, this year TSV Rackwitz again organised a holiday trip for the girls and boys of the traditional Rackwitz club. KVS was there again this year as a supporter. How else would the kids get to the Grillensee, if not in the safe buses of KVS Leipzig?

We make our contribution as a sponsor of TSV Rackwitz by providing the young club members with a free transfer to and from the holiday camp every year. In this way, we would like to relieve the parents and the group formation can start directly with the arrival.

We are very pleased to be able to support TSV Rackwitz in promoting the club. Enquiries at any time and free of charge via our enquiry form

Published on 31.08.2022