Rent our new Knaus Sport caravan

From March 2022 we rent our new Knaus Sport caravan for up to 5 people. Start your comfortable camping vacation and stay flexible at your vacation destination.

Caravan Knaus Sport
Caravan Knaus Hobby

This is a Knaus Sport 540 FDK caravan. Five people will find comfortable space in it in any case. Enjoy the advantages of a caravan on camping vacation: be flexible on the road at the vacation destination with your own car and still enjoy the greatest possible comfort!

Caravan data:

  • 1,700 kg Permissible total weight
  • 1,380 kg Mass in running order
  • 100 kg tongue load
  • Length: 7.53 m
  • Width: approx. 2.32 m
  • Height: approx. 2.57 m


  • Renting from 4 nights
  • per night: 65 Euro
  • plus 120 Euro handover fee (explanations & declarations)
  • plus 85 Euro return fee (return broom clean)
  • 1500 Euro cash deposit, you get back if the caravan is returned intact
  • Propane gas bottle 11 kg is fully included, please return full

Equipment details

  • Number of sleeping places: 4-5

  • Bed size (LxW cm): Parent bed 200 x 140 cm Folding bed (table to fold down the sitting area) 200cm x 75 cm

  • bunk bed for 2 persons

  • Heating (propane gas)

  • blackout blinds

  • curtains

  • darkened windows

  • hinged windows

  • ventilation grilles

  • skylight

  • shore power connection

  • Cable drum

  • adapter

  • Table inside

  • Water canister 25l

  • Fresh water tank 45l

  • cupboards

  • fan heater

  • no TV

  • air conditioner

  • large refrigerator 140l (to be operated via propane gas u 230V)

  • smoke detector!

  • large trunk lid on the right

  • Truma Therme with Monocontrol

  • Truma heating

  • shower

  • water filter system

  • anti-slinger clutch

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